Yoga and Gestational Diabetes

Benefits of Yoga

  • Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, women who experience high blood sugar levels (without prior diabetes diagnosis) have gestational diabetes. It is thought that hormones released by the placenta for the development of the baby can create insulin resistance in the mother's body, thus causing blood glucose (sugar) levels to increase. Although most hormones are unable to cross the placenta and affect the baby, glucose can, and the resulting high glucose levels in the baby's bloodstream triggers its pancreas to produce more insulin (which can lead to metabolic issues, such as hypoglycemia, after birth). Yoga exercise had health benefits on glycemic control in pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes. In addition, yoga exercises and techniques can also help reduce levels of stress, which improves metabolism and endocrine function, and specific techniques are thought to stimulate the pancreas more directly.

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